Changing regulations, expanding markets, international distribution with multilingual requirements, traceability and anti-counterfeiting concerns are ever-present in the crop protection business. Our Attach-A-Leaflet® booklet labels provide the space required for user instructions, hazard warnings, application guidelines, multiple languages, regulatory compliance and user safety. Labels have to withstand tough conditions of the agrochemical industry and applications often require exceptional capabilities such as specialty adhesives, durable inks and label materials. They can be suited to any container and include unique features such as resealable, tamper-evident, traceability, microtext, QR codes and RFID tags.


With so much critical information to relay to patients such as detailed instructions, dosing information, lists of active ingredients and regulatory requirements, pharmaceutical manufacturers need to guarantee that the information is always on hand with the product in a compact, easy-to-read format. Our Attach-A-Leaflet® booklet labels provide the solution to include this information on the container enabling consumers to access it in a convenient format which will stay with the product throughout its life, as opposed to a separate package insert that can be lost or discarded. We offer security solutions to guarantee anti-counterfeiting and brand protection using smart label technology, RFID and tamper-evident features. 

Animal Health

Animal health products, such as vaccines, medications, and supplements, are important for maintaining the health and wellbeing of livestock and pets. Proper labelling of these products is essential to ensure that they are used correctly and safely. These labels and packaging need to be designed to include the necessary features and conform to regulatory requirements in order to be prescribed safely and effectively. Our extensive label offering to this market includes booklet labels, peel and read labels, brand protection, tamper-evident seals, supply chain solutions and more.

Cosmetics & Personal Care

Cosmetics and personal care labels need to successfully withstand a number of challenges. These labels are applied to squeezable, contoured or rigid containers and often have a unique shape. They need to withstand heat, moisture and repeated handling on the beach, in the handbag and in the bathroom. We have specialised and environmentally sustainable label materials, even for oil-based or wet room products. With a range of embellishments on offer such as foils, metallic inks, textured finishes and laminations to ensure products stand out on the shelf.
Our Attach-A-Leaflet® multi-page labels provide additional space for instructions, regulatory information, beauty advice, promos and range of products. Our expert understanding of the challenges of cosmetics and personal care labelling will ensure you receive a custom solution to meet your needs.


In the FMCG market distinguishable packaging and an eye-catching shelf presentation can be the difference between sales and consumer indifference. To stand out on crowded store shelves and in an e-commerce environment, products need labels and packaging that clearly express the brand’s significance to consumers. Buyers associate a premium label with the quality found in the container. Products are often stored in environments that could damage the label and for each particular end use application careful consideration must be given to materials such as substrates, inks and coatings. There are several varnishes and laminations that can be applied to the label, improving scuff resistance. With the help of embellishments, specialised materials and effects, we can create bespoke labels to help engage your customers.

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