effective, multi-level security solutions


RFID or smart labels are embedded with technology to improve information related to the product. The benefits range from fighting counterfeit goods with traceability to providing inventory management for retail stores. From miniature tags for jewellery to large airport luggage labels, RFID inlays can be embedded in labels of a variety of styles, sizes and shapes. Create the perfect RFID label without compromising your design.

Sustainable Label Solutions

With growing consumer demand and increasing regulations, packaging sustainability has become pivotal. Labels are an essential part of packaging and have a crucial role in enabling recyclability and reuse. Sustainable choices for product labels include materials that are recycled, recyclable, or renewable. This can apply to the entire label or individual elements, such as the printing surface, the ink, or the adhesive. Therefore, when considering recyclability of the label and packaging, compatible materials should be considered.  For example, polythene containers should use PE or PP face materials. Let us guide you in making smarter labelling choices and help you reach beyond your sustainability goals.

Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing offers every label the ability to contain an individual piece of information. It is used widely to track raw materials and finished goods, identify and authenticate products, provide consumers with additional information, promotions and much more. With variable data printing, everything becomes variable: text, barcodes, numbers, images, and even patterns. If you think that variable data labels containing barcodes, 2D codes, QR codes or sequential numbers could help your business with traceability, authentication or consumer engagement, give us a call. 

Security & Product Protection

Our security solutions help brand owners to guard against counterfeit and illicit trade, securing revenue and safeguarding reputation. Various security features can be combined with each other and further functions added: security inks and variable data, tamper evident features, RFID/NFC technology and smartphone authentication. This results in effective, multi-level security label solutions. Dependant on the risk, an individual concept is developed for the respective customers’ requirements. Investing in tamper evident and anti-counterfeit packaging, gives consumers greater confidence in your products. As a strategic partner, we will provide you with comprehensive security and brand protection advice.

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