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Self-Adhesive Labels are a versatile and cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications, including product identification, branding, security and advertising. These labels can be highly customised to suit your requirements and provide a convenient and practical solution for most industries and applications.


Peel & Read Labels are a fantastic way to increase the amount of content on the label and enhance the aesthetic appearance by moving the regulatory information to additional pages. Consumers are able to peel back the label to discover more information about the product. These labels assist highly regulated industries in meeting their statutory requirements without detracting from the products shelf appeal.


Booklet Labels are used to greatly expand the information on your product and may contain up to 64 pages of extra information. These labels fit all the necessary content to meet regulatory requirements and give you more space for additional languages, product and brand information.
Our Attach-A-Leaflet® booklet labels can be individually equipped with additional features and provide almost unlimited communication possibilities.

wraparound labels

Wraparound Labels are most commonly used for the labelling of packaging, beverage and plastic bottle applications. They have a lower cost of production compared to self-adhesive labels and allow for higher labelling speeds. Offering 360-degree coverage and great transparency if needed, in addition to being tear, scratch and moisture resistant. These labels are the ideal answer to environmental concerns as they can be easily removed to allow for recycling of bottles.

Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is particularly useful in industries that require versatile packaging, such as the food and beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical industries. This packaging method uses a variety of multi-layer laminated films, including foil, plastic and paper, to create pouches, bags and other pliable product containers. Our flexible packaging is produced as printed roll stock which consists of unformed pouch material with product information pre-printed on it. These rolls are typically sent to the packer to be formed, filled, and sealed on flexible packaging machines.


Our specialty labels are custom designed for the specific primary packaging and provide a level of functionality to the end user. We are constantly integrating new techniques for improving and embellishing labels, with functional, decorative or promotional purposes, such as variable data printing, security and tamper evident labels, braille, special adhesives and security varnishes, RFID and NFC, microtext, debossing and embossing. 


A band made from paper or film can be effectively used as a label and only covers a small portion of the product, ensuring the product remains the centre of attention. With this concept and the Bandall® banding technology, applications such as labelling, bundling and sealing offer unlimited packaging solutions in a variety of markets. Using a band as a label comes with many advantages, the entire band can be printed on, double-sided printing, variable data printing, reduction in waste and cost and improved sustainability. Labelling by Banding® increases product visibility and catches your customers attention, meaning an increase in sales.

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